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If you are recovering from surgery, its important you complete the rehabilitation process to ensure a successful outcome. 

Physical recovery is often needed post surgery because of the downtime your body goes through during the time of pain right up to the surgery. Post surgery, the medical team will usually have some protected guidelines in the first 6-8 weeks to ensure the operated site heals well. During this time, the affected body part and body goes through deconditoning and weakening along side pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Physio Jonathan works closely with many of Singapore's leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and pain specialists to develop post surgery exercise guidelines to optimize patient recovery. He also constantly liaise, communicates and updates them on patient progress.  

Depending on the type of surgery done and affected body part, Physio Jonathan will be guided by the post op guidelines set by the medical team, while also assessing around patient's physical capacity, pain and swelling before developing a rehab plan. He is well trained to select and execute a safe recovery plan so that affected joints and muscles can regain mobility and strength safely and swiftly.

The rehabilitation process typically focuses on:


  1. Facilitating healing at the incision area, this could be in the form of protected weight bearing and support plans around hygiene, wound care and restricting early unhelpful movements.

  2. Muscle activation and gradual strengthening of weakened muscles above and below operated site pre and post surgery

  3. Mobility and flexibility that have become limited because of surgery

  4. Overall body conditioning and exercise plan towards achieving your goals, be it getting back to sports or daily activities

Additionally, for some conditions, a course of ‘prehab’ (the term used for rehab prior to surgery) results in a quicker recovery, often with less pain. This will be advised by the medical team where appropriate.

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