Dry needling is a technique that reduces muscular tension and pain. This is done through the placement of a sterile filiform needle into a tender point. Filiform needles are fine, stainless steel needles that don’t inject fluid. Hence the term “dry” needling is used.

The outcome of this technique is similar to soft tissue releases in terms of pain relieve, decrease tightness and movement improvements.

With the placement of a needle into tender points, it helps down regulate local tissue irritability through modifying neuro physiological signal to affected body part (usually intramuscularly).


It's an alternative pain relieve therapy for people who are short for time & effects can be felt almost immediately – tensed muscles are typically relieved within 10-15 minutes (as compared to a traditional 1 hr massage)

All the needles used are completely sterile and disposable. The number of needles required is dependent upon the size of tender points in area affected and depth of softening needed. The needles are left on for a couple of minutes before removing.