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Clinical Manual therapy is a specialized set of hands-on techniques directed to assess and treat joint and soft tissue (muscle, nerve, connective tissue) injuries related to pain and movement dysfunctions. 

These techniques are used as part of a holistic treatment approach to alleviate pain, induce relaxation, and improve flexibility and movements. This provides optimal outcomes and speeds up your physical recovery.

Some assessment forms includes:

  1. Joint stiffness / Hyperflexibility

  2. Structural Impairments 

  3. Muscle Weakness 

  4. Muscle & Connective Tissue Flexibility & Stiffness

  5. Pain Sensitivity & Severity 

Some treatment forms includes:

  1. Joint Mobilization & Manipulation

  2. Spinal Mobilization &  Manipulation

  3. Soft Tissue Mobilization & Manipulation 

  4. Nerve Mobilization

  5. Myofascial & Deep Tissue Release & Relaxation 

Common musculoskeletal conditions that would benefit from manual therapy include: 

  1. Back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip ankle joints movement impairments 

  2. Muscle injuries related to stiffness and tightness causing pain 

  3. Pain sensitivity in response to soft tissue injuries leading to muscle protective guarding and spasms

Jonathan is trained at postgraduate advanced  levels of clinical manual therapy, using precision while administering treatment effectiveness. The aims are to improve mobility to stiff joints and reduce tissue tension so that one can return to natural pain free movements.

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